A New Way

Getting Up to Date
What Has Happened Before

- NImozaran gave you a mission to inestigate why the recent Kobold attacks have been organized. While in there, you met Eliza and fought a strange dragon made of pure light.

- In Fallcrest, a psychic rift to the Feywild had appeared, and elves were pouring out of it. You agreed to go back with them to their city and help them against the light-creatures.

- In Gallathar, you started commanding squads of elven fighters in a great battle against the light-creatures.

The Battle is Won!

- Youu finished the great battle with a loss of only one elven soldier.

- A banquet was held in your honor

- Orem informed you that some light-men from other battles made it inside the castle and stole something.

Transfer of the Warlords

- A messenger from Gardethar came to bring you to Gardethar.

- You helped in a small skirmish at the gates.

- Torinn got into some trouble with his deity and his holy symbol shattered.

A City in Ruins

- The King of Gardethar hired you to protect the city from invading light-creatures by watching the underground passageways.

- You managed to destroy four light-men, but one got past. He found an opening into the city.

- An explosion was heard on the surface, and a big hole in the middle of the city continued to get bigger.


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